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Luton Cardholder 2005-222
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Alla älskar en lätt och smidigt plånbok, och det kan vi lova att detta är. Dess nätta design gör att den lätt får plats i dina fickor. Den genomtänka designen erbjuder 4 kortfickor på sidorna och en störra ficka i mitten som passar bra för både kort och kontanter. Storlek: 11x8cm

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MMV Bags

The formal definition of a bag is a portable, closable cannister with handles, made for carrying items. MMV Bags is something more.

Built on the foundation of a genuine passion for craftsmanship, MMV Bags produces goods made to be used every day for the rest of your life.

MMV is the roman numeral for 2005, which was when we made our first leather bag. From the beginning, we decided never to be compromising with anything.

After almost 15 years of hard work together with some of the best tanneries and artisans around, we?re proud to offer three different ranges of supreme quality products.

A great bag should be like you; becoming softer and more beautiful for each year. Bring your MMV on your life journey and let every adventure leave its marks, resulting in a beautiful patina that tells your story.

MMV Bags is a part of the Sportmanship Group.

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Modell Unisex
Prisinformation Alla priser är SEK exkl. moms.
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